Routes of Tuckerman Ravine (The Bowl)

Tuckerman Ravine - The Bowl

LEGEND 1 - Left Gulley
2 - Chute Variation South
3 - The Chute
4 - Chute Variation North
5 - Center Gully South
6 - Center Gully North
7 - The Icefall
8 - The Lip
9 - The Sluice
10 - Right Gully (Lobster Claw, Lion Head Gully 1 2 & 3 further over)

Easier routes are Left Gully, Right Gully (and Hillmans over and south of the bowl) from my experience.

The cornice at the top of Left Gulley has been measured at 55 degrees.

Middle routes are steeper reaching 40-50+ degrees at their steeper sections. Most routes get steep the higher you go with the sever pitches just below the lip of the headwall.

Certainly the Icefall is the steepest and usually involves some airtime, at least in the spring.

The Lip and Sluice are very steep up higher. The Lip averages 40-45 degrees.

The Chute is very intimidating from the top in the spring since it narrows with ugly looking rock walls on either side.

Dodges Drop which is located to the left looking up at Hillmans Highway is apparently over 50 degrees. Hillmans Highway is most consistent I found and is probably in the neighbourhood of 40 degrees.

Remember! It is highly recommended that you hike up where you will be skiing down so that you will be familiar with your route of descent. As well you need to be aware of any hazards and be confident you are skiing within your ability.

Tuckerman Ravine - Hillmans Highway

LEGEND 1 - The Duchess
2 - Hillmans Highway
3 - Hillmans Highway
4 - Dodge's Drop
5 - Cathedral Gully
6 - Boot Spur Gully 1 (Gully 2 & 3 further over)
7 - Lower Snowfield

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