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WILD CORN! (A Backcountry Shindig!) April 1 - North Conway!

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  • WILD CORN! (A Backcountry Shindig!) April 1 - North Conway!

    WILD CORN! Celebration of our staple crop!

    Come out April 1 to support Granite Backcountry Alliance's efforts to create a below treeline network of trails in NH and western Maine!

    We'll have projects announced and summer work days planned - we are excited to launch!

    The godfather David Goodman is in the house to chat about trail disclosure, secret/shared stashes, maintenance and nearly 30 years of change since his first guidebook.

    We'll have RASTA, Catamount Trail Association, and Vermont Backcountry Alliance chatting up trail groups and walking the walk.

    Andrew Drummond (Ski the Whites) and Ben Leoni (Ski the East/Working for the Weekend), both GBA Granbassadors, will chat up the GBA projects!

    And we'll have Protect Our Winters let you know why Old Man Winter is not of sound mind anymore - and what you can do to make things right!

    Live Music from Blue Bus and Bear Mountain Band, Rando Race, Raffles and more!

    Some great headline sponsors on board including Flylow, Helly Hansen, Ski Chic-Chocs, Allspeed, Ragged Mountain, Wild Northeast, DPS Skis, Amalgam Skis and Scarpa!

    Get your tickets HERE:

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      Check out the recap of the first annual Wild Corn SKIMO Invitational!


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        Folks, we had 350 skiers & riders attend WILD CORN last weekend and it was a raging success! We raised over $10,000 which will go toward glade project costs including glade trail design, tooling, surveying, cartography, signage and other costs (which there will be many!). For those that made it - i hope you had a blast! David Goodman was the perfect keynote speaker and our theme of get behind your trail groups was supported by presentations from Catamount Trail Association, RASTA, Maine Huts & Trails and Protect Our Winters.

        The SKIMO invitational was super cool - first 150 guests got a SKI FREE OR DIE cowbell and let me tell you those bells were heard! Check out the video above.

        GBA also announced three work projects which are now listed in the events page and you can find out more on facebook. We hope to drive serious attendance as the WMNF will be watching and seeing how organized we really are. We've moved so fast because we've had incredible support from folks like yourself who are interested in the vision of a below treeline network of trails to complement the high alpine. The vision is to create glades in the WMNF and circle the forest with smaller municipal glades (following our "glade in my backyard" philosophy - GIMBY!). We have projects ongoing in Lancaster, Randolph, Gorham and are working on creating strong GBA subgroups in other regions of NH/ME .

        For example, folks contact us from time to time with inquiries or opportunities to glade. GBA offers support in funding, legal, marketing, fundraising - and doing it all through the locals who will run point on these projects. If you have projects you are wondering how to get them done - give us a buzz - we'll help if it works into our overall long-term strategy! But that said, we don't intend to do this alone - so let us know if you have land to glade, want to start a group, or just looking at how to get involved. We want to be approachable but it takes effort on both sides of the aisle. I think you'll find this is some very exciting stuff - and progress could happen rapidly if start now. We want everyone to have their own glade(s) and it's totally reasonable to do so with legit approval from your land manager. What's really amazing too is that ultimately we are recreating the model used by ski clubs / CCC in the 1930's - and people are tapping in to our system. Check us out or send us a message.

        We have met with the WMNF on many occasions and would be psyched to have new federal projects in the Fall - which there is a strong possibility that could happen.

        For now - we have some fun projects this summer to make sure we keep the existing trails in tip top shape. So get in the game and come on out!


        For some more info here's an interview on White Mountain TV.


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          You may have better luck schilling your sh1t over on the Backcountry touring Northeast Facebook page.


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            Our forests are mapped, signed, trailed, strava'd, and marketed enough already without your groups drive to alter every corner of the forest that surrounds our grand massif. Great, you got 350 people together to party hoot and holler in the name of our precious sport. For many of us BC skiing is a way to get away from the big party kumbaya atmosphere. BC skiing doesn't need to be celebrated or marketed or sold. It most certainly shouldn't be. Every time that we quietly tour is a celebration. Leave the woods be.


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              Ignore the cranky guy at the end of the bar (who probably gave me more information about how to ski up high than anyone else in this corner of the internet...). Anyone putting local effort into creating new below tree line skiing is doing a great thing for our area, keep at it.


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                All it's going to create is increased liability and traffic in our wilds where there was limited to no traffic before except for the wildlife that call those areas home. There's plenty woods to ski already for those that are willing to work for it and have half of an imagination. Granite is creating an entitled coddled me too BC skier.