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32 Degrees in The Sun - E. Snowfields 5/28/06

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  • 32 Degrees in The Sun - E. Snowfields 5/28/06

    32 Degrees in the Sun......

    And the air temps were around 60F !!!!!

    day reigned supreme today... synergy became the mantra of being for this great jewel of a day.

    Here is one more until I can finish the rest of the pics and get some much needed rest.

    PWDR8S throwin the sign up on the Eastern Snowfields
    Carvé Diem!
    Energy follows thought

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    Jolly fine photos...I notice that you used the extra light gear for otto-slacking. Very wise, more laps are more laps, hey what?
    Go for adventure, take pix, but make certain to bring'em back alive!


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      Go lighter farther more more more!

      At bottom of run lookin off to the south...

      Wizard & Sheeba at base camp

      I'll put something coherent together tomorrow.
      Carvé Diem!
      Energy follows thought


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        Wow. Like I said before, glad to see the snow pix are still coming. Nice looking day... you must have a hard time remembering all the sunny days you've had up there.

        Skiing Naked is Fine


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          Very nice. I'm in the middle of my work week, so while you all played, I was chained to the big red truck.

          Thanks for the pix. Maybe Thrusday or Friday?
          Rules and regulations:
          1. Don't piss off the locals

          2. It's not nice to make work for the patrol



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            And now, the rest of the story......

            Map o the summit... we were somewhere on there... just east of the summit.

            Traffic jam on Otto Rhode... barely enough room to pass!

            This Glider was soaring over the summit and 'buzzing' Cog Train... cool to see.

            View to the south from 'basecamp'
            Slightly right of center - Lionshead and Boot Spur behind it in the distance.

            Looking south a little further uphill.... note the head and skis of a skier hiking up.... that's where the broad snowfield sat.

            Yet further up the hill looking to the south.... that's the top o the patch.

            Enough of looking down and around! I gotta ski!
            The snow was like moist wet whipped butter - slighty chilled..... what a feeling! I managed a good 850+' run from 'basecamp' and many many sweet turns. My giddyness showed when an occasional whoop and shouts of joy escaped me... Ear to ear grins was the defacto norm for the day...

            The climb back up looked daunting but my adrenaline and endorphine ****tail flowing through my veins was overpowering any reluctance to do it again... and again... and again...

            Another look to Tuckerman Ravine from furthe south oon the snowfield... well the wall above it anyways...

            A look to the North.

            Another run!

            Neil and coworker Christi(?) I hope I got her name right These nice folks are staying at the observatory AND Neil helped setup their new forum on the Mt Washington site. Must be nice to have this in your backyard to play in!

            I though these pics might give a sense of scale with the sliders climbing up.

            Can you see 'basecamp'? I can....

            A little closer look....

            Looking northeast...

            'Basecamp' with summit and top o da snowfields in distance.

            Inclinometer showing 32 Degrees, hence the 32 Degrees in the Sun. I never got this snowboarder dude's name... a really cool human!

            Random climber making new boot tracks.

            My Partegas Habanos Mini's next to my weather station... The altitude read 6,137ft I did have to retreat to 'basecamp' for a snowchilled beverage... on today's menu... Molson XXX The store stopped in didn't have much of a selection and I figured that this would be just fine. Trust me... it was!

            What's a 'basecamp' without a flag of where you're from? I'm proud to display my colors!

            A last look at the Summit, building, duh Cog and the top o da snowfields.

            Here I am about to set off for yet another run... I couldn't get enough!

            I spotted this on the ride down.... I wouldn't mind having one of these for fun!

            I love this bumper sticker!

            All in all, it was a fantabulous day! I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my 45th birthday. My many grateful thanks to Ullr for making this happen.

            This day rocked!
            Carvé Diem!
            Energy follows thought


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              Happy Bday and nice TR. That is a very kewl bumpa stickah. I would definatly color that day "Seized" - more like "abducted and held for ransom" really.

              Skiing Naked is Fine


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                Makes me proud to know ya ...brilliant basecamp concept...pity we don't all see just how much we should be pulling together on this third rock from Sol.
                Go for adventure, take pix, but make certain to bring'em back alive!


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                  Sweet TR!! Happy Birthday, it looks like it was ALMOST as fun as my birthday!

                  (Sitting at my Mom's computer in 90 heat in Ohio, trying not to allow the whine of jealousy escape my lips!)
                  "Information is not knowledge
                  Knowledge is not wisdom
                  Wisdom is not truth
                  Truth is not beauty
                  Beauty is not love
                  Love is not music
                  Music is THE BEST."


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                    Happy birthday P8! nice turns. And to think, i could have been there today.... Some decisions are just not always right...
                    Mmmm... s-n-o-w

                    If there ain't fish under it ... it ain't ice!

                    - Roger Page, Founder Saddleback Mountain


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                      Happy Birthday! Great pics too, and plenty of them. Looks like you had a nice bluebird day, and didnt have to hike all the way up!

                      July 16, 2004: Mount Rainier (14,410')
                      July 21, 2005: Grand Teton (13,770')
                      July 14, 2006: Mount Whitney (14,497.61')

                      Eastern Mountain Sports, Fairfield CT


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                        Looks like you were a bit more East than I. Fantastic weather none the less...

                        Oh, I'll choke down a beer in honor of your Bday.
                        I don't do drugs, I am drugs. --Salvador Dali


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                          Great way to celerate the B-Day!

                          Sweeeeet day for sure! Nice shots... u're making wish a trudged over there yesterday!!