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Sunday 04.17.19

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  • Sunday 04.17.19

    Skied two new (to me) lines on Sunday.

    First new line: Skinned into Huntington and our objective looked doable at the top but would probably require a rap at the bottom. I didn't like the ice fall hazard in our line so we booted up Central. It took us a little while to find the entrance to the gully; it was further/higher than the top of Pinnacle Buttress than I was expecting. Once we found the gully, there was a short choke at the very top then pretty good skiing. We found some tat at the top of the ice but no ski tracks in the gully above. We backed up the tat with a screw in some slushy ice for the first rappel then I cleaned the screw and rapped on just the tat. I hope the guys leading the steep ice climbers right got my locking carabiner. The ski out below the ice was fun too.

    We booted back up Central and then climbed a little higher to make a ski traverse towards Tucks. We had to climb pretty high and still did a lot of polling. It seems like there's less snow in the Alpine Garden than normal. Our plan was to check out Stovepipe but it was starting to rain/sleet and we wanted to go down. Had a really fun run down Lip - enough people had skied it to knock the sticky snow off but not enough that it was full of moguls. The bowl was pretty empty that day.

    It had stopped raining at the bottom so we dropped the climbing gear and booted up Left Gully. We skied Chute Variation South (also new line to me). The snow was really sticky at the very top and we had some rollerballs. Lower down the snow improved. The choke wasn't that bad and was fun. Skied out the Little Headwall to the Sherb.
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    Nice tour. Cool to pick off the lines.
    Go for adventure, take pix, but make certain to bring'em back alive!


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      Wow! Looks like you had fun!