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Shirbe lap 11feb

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  • Shirbe lap 11feb

    Made a quick trip up the Shirbe today. Top half was soft, bottom was frozen hard to lot. Reasonable coverage.

    The ravine was pretty much in the clouds eventually part way down where there was a brief view of Raymonds. It will need more snow after this thaw. I think I have a picture I can post once I locate it.

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    Can we have December back please? Raymond's needs about 8 feet of additional snowfall and a big avalanche or 2 to make it go. Raymond's pic here. Need a good snow year and avy activity. Amazing run, especially when you start from the summit sign at 6288 and run'r straight down to the car via Raymond's. It's the most direct summit to car route. And the most interesting. No one really does it. It's a rare gem.
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      Yah, struggling out here.

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