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123 Gos 3/17/12 - pics? I got sum

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  • 123 Gos 3/17/12 - pics? I got sum

    The anticipation of this day with the weather predicted did not disappoint! It was such a beautiful day, and really words can not describe the feeling of being up high all day in just a light shirt, sunglasses, light pack, calm wind and safe carefree corn harvesting! Quite a contrast to the avi course I took MLK weekend which was -10 and windy in the bowl. I really live for these days! Managed to get Gully 1 twice t2b, Gully 2 top half, and Gully 3 all the way to pinkham. Here's how it went:

    Headed out solo (wife battling plantar fasciitis), and goal was to explore all three main gullies. Been to tux proper soooo, many times, but only my second time in GOS.

    Arrived in the Lot 7:20 AM (wish it was more like 6) scored on of the last few spots to the right, stopped inside, undercast reported, oh yeah!

    Hit the trail at 7:45, foggy start

    Some spots looked like this

    And some spots looked like that

    Managed to stumble upon the well known shortcut and tried it. Does this actually save any time?

    Anyway, rejoined the trail and climbed through the undercast

    At the top of the undercast looking down:

    Looking up:

    A hint of the undercast:

    Cool undercast below

    Can't get enough:

    Tele dude on his way down when I arrived:

    Arrived at the base of Gully 1 and chatted with a lovely women and her black lab from Vtah. Also met another guy who had already finished his second run, he was headed over the top to hillmans and was talking GG after, oooffff, energy! Booted up, lookers left boot ladder. It was a bit soft, but manageable, and had to step up over a small waterfall, only a small pain.

    Under-cast dissipating:

    Small waterfall center main:

    Sweaty old dude:

    Skied obvious line skiers right t2b non-stop except for the flattish section at the bottom. Top half was real nice, untracked lines (since the rain) were there, bottom half got progressively softer, just had to be on your toes a bit.

    Booted back up for second run, took the lookers right ladder, much better, and there was a completely untracked line right next to it, skied t2b.

    Third climb, same bootpack, my tracks from run #2 to the left:

    Line from the top:

    At the top, time to hop over to gully 2. Walked in someones ski traverse track to stay on top, eventually fell victim to a spruce trap , time to put the skis back on

    Skier's right of Gully 2, only 1 or 2 tracks (was more open than it looks in this shot), I saw one person skiing it early on my climb up in the morning.

    Skier's left, no tracks, no people, amazing!

    Quick pick of North Conway/Cranmore

    Skied the fun half to the choke, nothing too interesting below, so traversed to gully 3. Only had to wrestle a few shrubs on the way over.

    Arrived at gully 3, shadows moving in, and wow, zero people, zero tracks, and this was about 2PM. Planned to climb just partway up, but it was too nice so headed to the top. There was no boot ladder, so I moved to lookers right thinking it would be more consolidated due to more sun hours day to day. As long as I stayed 6ft from the shrubbery it was just firm enough, only sank in ankle deep.

    Looking down from the top:

    Last rays looking towards Attitash:

    Looking back at the fun part, no more sun:

    Top half was awesome corn, then it got ugly, and I was tired. Serious mash potatoes like I haven't seen in a bit....hop turns don't come easy after a day like this

    Really like the aesthetics top of gullies 2 and 3! Fun terrain! Fun exit to Gully 3!

    Looks like fingers are still in, shots on the way down:

    Some barespots on the way down, lots of snowsnakes:

    Only took pics of the bad sections, I'm sure it's much worse now!

    GOS is a gem for sure, and I'd say there were a max of 30-40 people in there all day. Did run into a college crowed from Lyndon State of about 10 people which made main gully feel more like Hillmans for about 30 minutes, but crowd dispersed and was pretty quiet after mid day. Was completely alone in the afternoon in 2 and 3, fun solo experience.

    That's all for now....heading out west for a week (to the only place that didn't get much snow recently) and hoping for some big storms up high for GG refills.


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    That's a workout!

    Nice tour!
    Go for adventure, take pix, but make certain to bring'em back alive!


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      did i talk too you at tuckermans sunday???
      "Never Stop Exploring"


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        must have been my evil twin , was back home time!


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          Beautiful pics, congratulations on all the first turns!