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Pics: Local stash, Sat/Sun - 2 reports

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  • Pics: Local stash, Sat/Sun - 2 reports

    Report 1
    Scottie came over today and I gave him the tour of Tickwood.
    Conditions were stellar and we are going to be getting more snow tomorrow possibly another 8" on top of our 11-12 inches.

    Here's some shots of the day.

    Top (1 mile)

    My new glue on the skins worked great, and were super sticky

    About 1/2 way in through a laurel tunnel

    By the time we started heading down it was getting dark, so the shots are a little dark, and some came out blurry, like this one

    A newly discovered area that needs some simple cleaning up of some dead fall

    We found a little ledge which was fun and gave some soft landings

    Scottie drop

    Scott took this good snot of me (just checking to see if my skis were still there

    Last glade of the tour

    We ended that tour, and decided it was dark enough to make a run over to a local dam embankment we had our eyes on earlier in the day, but couldn't make any runs on it because the MCD were everywhere, and we would of received a ticket.

    We drove over there, ran across the street when no cars were going by, threw our skis over the fence and squeezed through the fence, we clicked in and made turns (Ninja Style) in the dark. I didn't wear my helmet or goggles for this quick roadside attraction so viability was limited due to snow in the eyes (Yes face shots)

    We hiked back up on another section and grabbed more fresh lines, and on the way out looking over my shoulder I couldn't help myself and had to click in one last time and make a run down.

    I have to go back tomorrow and get a shot of it, the MDC will be pissed I made tracks on their heavily guarded hill ;D

    Great day, I hope to hit another little stash tomorrow, what a GREAT WEEKEND, I HAVE A PERMA-GRIN

    Report 2 below
    Rage and I took a tour of Tickwood again today with the new snow that fell on the snow from Fri-Sat.

    Had a blast, the snow was great, and the skis didn't take too much of a beating.

    Yesterday the snow had stopped when Scottie and I headed out, but this time it snowed almost the whole time, it didn't feel like my backyard.

    Rage and I skinned up to the top from my driveway, and skied back to my house, what a treat with this coverage.
    I don't know when I'll see snow like this in my neck of the woods, so I made sure to take advantage of it.

    Here's the highlights of the day

    Turns up top


    "What? Do I have something on my face?"

    Pillow bustin fun !

    Rage ( I think these came out better )

    Almost out

    The snow had stopped and the sky turned red, it was much better than this shot

    Some person on a snowmobile discovered our last 2 pitches of our trail and decided to find out where it went, and screwed up all our protected pow.
    We made sure to skin off the side to ensure fresh tracks when we returned.
    ONLY TO FIND SNOWMOBILE TRACKS and the smell of EXHAUST in the air.

    The guy had to turn around because it got too tight for his machine and proceed to chew up what ever was left from his climb.

    I know its not our land, and I really have no right to say anything, but it really pissed me off.

    Lets just hope that person realized it was a ski trail cause there were SKI TRACKS, and the trail was too tight and he wont attempt it again.

    Overall it was a great day !!!
    ~Say hello to the rug's topography, It holds quite a lot of interest with your face down on it~

    Looking for a place to put your photos try BackcountryAgenda

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    Nice! Way to stick it to the man. I like the idea of throwing skis over a fence etc.

    Too bad about the sled ripping things up... that really is s buzz kill. Almost worth leaving select blow down in place to prevent such a pillaging. Around here there are so many well charted miles of snowmobile trails I'd feel kinda upset if they ran a sled on a really nice ski slope.

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      Lets just hope that person realized it was a ski trail cause there were SKI TRACKS, and the trail was too tight and he wont attempt it again. Overall it was a great day !!!
      I'm thinking it may be the latter...a lot of people could unfortunately care less about what they do on certain trails.


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        That looks great. I think you might owe me a share of your stash. Did you ever go back and get Pics of the poached tracks?~REP
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          Local harvest..always worth it in the long run. Looks like a heap of fun in heaps of snow!
          Go for adventure, take pix, but make certain to bring'em back alive!


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            Damn fine!