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What do you do the rest of the year?

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  • What do you do the rest of the year?

    Hi Guys, I am anticipating withdrawal symptoms from an (early-ending) season here in the northeast!!!

    Out of curiosity, what do you guys do the rest of the year to stay in shape and get outside?

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    Yeah....Though it was a pretty good year for me as far as it went, I've found myself feeling distinctly sad lately at the prospect of no spring tucks trips. I was really hoping for a trip or two in April! Had several friends possible to introduce to our favorite ravine... but alas, it's not to be this year.

    SURF season never really ends, so I'll concentrate on that! And I'll try to go kiting and sailing more than I did last year! Hopefully a hike/backpacking trip up north this summer some time.


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      Quite a few T4T are rock climbers and boulderers, some are mountaineers as well. Many of us ride bicycles...on and off-road. There's a bunch of paddlers and the number of dedicated hikers is very high.

      There are some fun activities: Sugarbush and Mad River Glen have programs for mountain work days. Sugarbush usually keeps it to two days on the same weekend working with Mtn Ops to keep Slide Brook looking nice and skiing great. MRG usually has five days to establish and maintain regeneration zones (allowing desirable trees to grow up on trails) and work on the famous "lines" between the mapped trails. Both programs exchange a day pass for each day worked and both are hard work among willing folks.

      We shall see what the new knee allows me to do, but climbing, hiking, cycling and working in the mountains takes care of my summer fitness program.
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        Get High! literally ...Haven't flown out of Franconia yet but some awesome conditions up there!


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          Golf, ride my pos bike and walk the dog, but I'm probably not your typical T4T'er. This summer, with a bit of luck, we'll take a 3-5 week transcontinental trip.
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            Have fun in the mountains! I mountain bike, it's expensive, but it's easily been the best thing I've ever done. Your skiing will get way better if you mountain bike too!
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              Thanks for the great replies-- I like reading about what you guys do!!! I am hoping for more replies (and ideas), too!!! I too like mountain biking (tho, I usually get into spots like rivers where I need to hike-a-bike a lot!!! Plus, I hike/run/trailrun/etc., anything to burn calories so I can earn chocolate calories ... not much trail maint, but, I do volunteer leading hikes.


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                Climb climb climb bike bike bike

                I like to climb particularly long multi pitch alpine routes, and ride my bikes (Mtn and Road) as much as possible... considering it looks like I am moving from Boston to Denver with in the next couple months I better do a lot more to compensate for the upcoming altitude difference in the recreational fun zones!


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                  Cycling, kayaking, MTBing, hiking, some gardening. Love warm weather!
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                    You should be spending your non ski time searching for and maintaining B/C friendly habitat.


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                      Q: What do you do the rest of the year?
                      A: Same thing we do during winter, Pinky; try to take over the world.

                      Run, hike, road bike, mountain bike, canoe


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                        Check out the big Brain on Telemark.

                        Nice one.


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                          I go into what is known as the summer version of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) It often requires a lot of therapy to get through it.

                          I'm often forced to go mountain biking, hiking, kayaking (flatwater and whitewater), boating(waterskiing), dirt biking(motocross), more hiking, tend to my greenhouse and gardens, logging (or just act like a lumberjack sometimes), play with my pup, play in and on water and more hiking with a smattering of camping and some long range trekking and last but not least, travel the world. It is difficult to pry the planks off my feet when the snow disappears but it has been done and will happen again.

                          Usually I go a number of times up to TUX into summer just to cool off and to get last tracks. Going on nearly 20+ yrs now that I've skied in July.... Think that might not happen this year.

                          I pray it doesn't come to that but things are not looking too good at this point.

                          What with the Southwest Airlines nonstop/direct flights from Manchester to Denver, I've been playing in the Colorado Rockies a lot more now. With airfares of $239 Roundtrip, it's hard to pass up. Got a couple summer trips lined up like going to the Teva summer Mountain Games in May/June(Memday weekend). Should be fun.

                          On the down low, I go back out to 'birdwatch' several routes I've groomed over the years. This year there was a lot of windblown damage and deadfalls to be cleared away. Never did get to test the routes out this season due to lack of snow coverage.
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                            I'm putting together a quick cycling relay up to Montreal from Boston the 2nd weekend of May. Still some spots avail in the RV. PM me if anyone's interested.

                            After that I'm off to Breck for work thru August. Hope to bag a few more 14ers while I'm out there. Won't be skiing through July like we were last year, that's for sure.


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                              When there is no more snow, I like to hike, backpack, camp, fly fish, bike, slack line, take my dog for runs in the woods, etc. I also like to go to local forests in southern nh, and just camp out in caves on islands or wherever looks good with friends. I've kind of always wanted to climb Mt. Washington barefoot and have been conditioning my feet for a couple years now. This may sound like a wreck less pointless goal, but it has intrigued me since I was young. I believe if each step is placed slowly and softly it could be done without too much damage to the feet. I might try that this year before I get too old to agree with the rest of the world that it is in fact a dumb idea.