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Pinkham Notch Route to Summit

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  • Pinkham Notch Route to Summit

    Recommendation on how to reach summit - hiking - from Pinkham Notch at this point in season. I'm assuming the best way is the lions head winter route. I asked the same question last year but earlier but are crampons still required/recommended. Also, with skis on my back will I encounter problems getting thru trees? I'm thinking of a sunday hike to summit and then ski down the summit snowfields and then over to the bowl if weather complies. thanks as always.

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    I'd Just boot up one of the gullies in he ravine. It's a bit longer then going up lions head, but you'd get a chance check on conditions before coming in from the top. You shouldn't need crampons.


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      Walk up to ravine, walk up right gully, walk to summit.


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        I agree with both the only thing to add is most of the right hand side of the bowl is melted out up top. Typically one would hike to the bowl, hike up lobster claw or right gully, then proceed to the summit.
        Once you run out of snow at the top of both of those run you have to climb more on grass/ shrubs/ loose rock etc., bushwack some. Then, you have to downclimb the same/ similar route if you plan on skiing that on your way out. It certainly can be done, have done it many times, but may make some a bit nervous (and its not good for the vegetation)
        Other options typically would be sluice or the lip but not advisable this time of the year.
        You can traverse over to chute but that has glide cracks/ crevasses right now as well. Not very advisable.
        SAFEST route would be to traverse over Left gully. Its further to travel than the other routes but offers snow top to bottom with little hazard.

        Any of this is possible but it depends on your skill level, comfort, and risk tolerance. No one here would/should say to go ahead and ski the lip down since it will be the shortest route. It is possible but has the highest of consequences if you make the wrong move


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          Of course, like the majority of this spring for weekenders like me, the weather has refused to cooperate. As YeloBlammo acknowledged, the right side has vegetation issues and when the snow disconnects from the rock, crossing can be a pain. I might just go up LG, and then do the long traverse back over. I'll try again next weekend, a few runs off the summit and then a run down LG and back up and over to Hillman's if it's good. Thanks for input.


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            Walking up right with the upper reaches melted out isnít too bad as there is a mostly rocky path/route that you can follow up. Itís no biggie, right is so short and direct to the summit.