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June Skiing: what is need to know

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  • June Skiing: what is need to know

    Hi Everybody,

    My friends and I would consider ourselves expert level skiiers, (can enjoy ourselves down the toughest/steepest/thickly-wooded trails on resort mountains in VT and NH).
    However, we are really lacking in practical backcountry skiing experience.

    While I have done my research, talked to other friends who have hit the ravine earlier this year, and have been watching the Mt. Washington Avalanche Center's snow reports for the past couple of weeks, I wanted to know what practical advice you all would have for a couple of backcountry newcomers trying to ski tucks in the next week or two.

    Advice on how to pick which lines would be safe (was hoping to try left gully but can't get a good idea of current snow conditions), would be super helpful.
    But really what additionally concerns do we have to think about hitting Tucks so late in the season?

    Happy Trails,
    Foot Ferri

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    Ask the Ski patroller for advice where to go and about any known safety hazards and LISTEN TO IT! There are more *hazards than just avalanche. T
    ry to hook up with some experienced veteran of Tucks that would be kind enough to have you tag along-knowing you have no experience in such. Don't follow fools.

    *Hazards and 'additional concerns' include: Crevasses, Long sliding falls or fall into rocks(objects), Ice fall, Rock fall...

    Good luck.


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      Hi! So Iím new to backcountry as well and I did the lower part of hillmans last month and that was way more difficult then the hardest run at any New England resort. Tucks is apparently harder then hillmams. So just because your comfortable on double black resort terrain doesnít mean youíll be comfortable in the ravine fyi