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The Evolution of Mount Washington Avalanche Center Forecasts

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  • The Evolution of Mount Washington Avalanche Center Forecasts

    The forest service has expanded their forecast area, "Beginning this year, we will provide an avalanche forecast for most of the Northern Presidential Range...".


    I haven't looked at things in detail but the idea of this is great. I know MW is a unique area but being so Tucks/Huntington specific left out the other skiable terrain in the area, especially when other regions forecast wider area with less specificity and a the regional forecasting is more terrain/weather based. I really hope they get out and poke around in places like GOS or KingRavine, though they say they won't visit the less traveled areas. The one downside is it sounds like they will be around Hermit less, which was a great opportunity for interaction/education where the largest user base is (and I am way more likely to interact on the quieter days), but frankly I avoid it when it's -30C and 100km winds as well so really they shouldn't be shackled up there either...

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    I actually MUCH preferred when they only made mention of tucks and Huntington areas in their forecasts.


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      My initial reaction was positive, but I naively assumed that retiring their unique first-in-the-nation and oldest-avy-center "micro forecasting" approach would be the beginning of forecasts that follow North American standards, like the other 17+ National Forest avalanche centers. Aspect and elevation avalanche rose???
      But so far, no, not so much.
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