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    Hi Folks
    Looking to put a set of tech bindings on one of my pairs of skis in anticipation of a visit or two this spring to do both Tuckerman and the cog. Was thinking the Salomon Q90’s as they are so light, but also thinking my Bonafides. Would a light 90mm ski be suitable, or would a beefier 98mm be better? I currently have Barons on the Bonafides, but wondering if they’ll be too heavy.
    Thanks for any and all advice!

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    It depends how you're using both skis currently - is one more of a go-to for the resort than the other? If you use the Q90s more on the resort than the Bonafides then maybe consider swapping the Barons to the Q90s. If you see yourself using the Q90s more for touring in the future, I'd recommend putting the tech bindings on those.

    90mm is plenty of width underfoot for spring conditions, or all around typical winter conditions on George.


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      Agreed, 90mm is plenty most of the time, 98 isn't that far off and should be nice too. 105+ fatties can be wonderfull, but all-rounders are the mainstay choice. Unless you have unlimited cash, leaving your setups as they are sounds pretty good too. Happy Trails!
      Go for adventure, take pix, but make certain to bring'em back alive!


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        Keep light with light and heavy with heavy.

        That said, the your bonafide/baron combo is perfect for all things George. I have a very similar setup. Resort or BC, all I need. It's only a heavy setup if yer not strong enough to make it go. Or if you worry about such things.


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          I would also suggest keeping light with light.

          and while if you are strong enough you can make anything work... light is pretty sweet.