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Props to Granite Back Country Alliance

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  • Props to Granite Back Country Alliance

    Not even a year old and they sure have delivered. Prioritized getting the existing trails (Sherburne, Gulf of Slides, Doublehead) in good shape first. Learning to work with good practice with the NFS. Throwing some big parties. Promising projects coming up. Hard not to be impressed with what they have accomplished.

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    I went to the Doublehead workday on Saturday and it was a great time. I've never skied that trail but I bet it looks better than it has in awhile, I might have to make a trip down this winter to enjoy the work. The Randolph weekend this month should be fun.


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      Yup big parties followed by overflowing trailheads, skied out mogul trails and soon to "me too" glades. They are creating a demand that the newly cleared terrain won't be able to keep up with traffic wise. Prolly gonna be too cold to snow much this winter. Ya the skiing below 3500' in NH is gonna be all time. Pick a number and wait in line with all of your jort wearing bros and ho's lol.