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My best friend needs your help!

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  • My best friend needs your help!

    Hello Tuckerman Ravine Friends~

    Some of you have met my best friend Tuckerman on one of our many visits to the mountain over the years, and many exclaimed when they saw Tuck drop over the Lip! It's been a while since we have had occasion to visit as we moved to Golden CO in the Summer of 2011. We have enjoyed great skiing together here in the Rockies, but we do miss the beauty and thrills of the steep gullies of Tuckerman Ravine.

    Lately we noticed that my buddy was slowing down and decided to have him checked out to see what was up. We are narrowing in on what may be the cause of his health issues and hope that the tests we had done yesterday will show us the right path for treatment and that he has a good prognosis for more quality years together with us.

    This has come at great expense, and so I am asking for the help of the T4T community. Please see the other attached link for more information about Tuckerman and how you can help. Anything you can do would be most appreciated. We are hoping to bring him back to his favorite playground for a visit this Fall.

    Thank you very much,
    Tuckerman is a sweet 12 yo Golden retriever that looks and acted like a much younger pup before his health had a sudden downturn. As recently as mid-May he was skiing with me and acting playfully as he always has. Recently we noticed that it seemed like someone pulled the plug on Tuckerman....
    Get to where you want to go!