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    We're cleaning out the attic and climbing equipment that has been stored there for 15 years is getting thrown out. It's been in a sealed plastic bag, but BE AWARE: Old climbing ropes lose their tensile strength. This line is fine for training, but it shouldn't be used for climbing. It's too old for safe use.

    That being said, there's around 200 ft of dacron/poly?? climbing rope, two Black Diamond Bod Sit Harnesses, and some ancillary webbing. The sit harnesses look relatively new, but need to be checked out before being used for actually climbing.

    The stuff is heading to the dumpster unless it's claimed in the next couple of days. Pick up in Sudbury, MA only.

    If interested call Beau at (978) 501-0574.
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    You should've just donated it to someone who can repurpose it into some useful textile craft. We used to donate old ropes to school to weave it into useful mats the sell for auctions.