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Deuter vs Osprey for snowboard carry

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  • Deuter vs Osprey for snowboard carry

    I had a Deuter Freerider Pro 30 that I loved. And my friend has an Osprey Kode 30 that he loves.

    My FRP is pretty worn out and full of sand (long story) and was thinking of replacing it with the Kode, but for snowboarding, how does it compare? I like aspects of the Kode like the insulated hydration tube in the backpack strap, but does it really keep the tube from freezing? Also my friend pointed out, that the Kode is limited with placement of ice tools. Seems the Kode only has 1 axe loop which is in the same space as the vertical snowboard carry.

    At Tux, I have used both my solid board and my splitboard. I also use BD compactors, an ice axe and strappy crampons for my snowboard boots. All of these things I need to strap onto my pack for the ride down. Beyond the Deuter vs Osprey debate, is there any other pack out there that can carry all these items and do vertical snowboard carry for a day trip?


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    Not going to be able to specifically answer your question, but seeing no one has I will at least give some input to think about.

    Crampons-put those inside the pack for the way down-just to get that out of the way.

    My son has the Kode and it seems like a well made pack. He does snowboard, but I don't think he has hiked with it. One of the big things going for Osprey is their guarantee. I sent in a pack that had been chewed by a squirrel and they repaired it no questions asked. They have the best warrantee in the business. As far as 1 ice axe attachment, unless you are ice climbing I don't think you need 2. Can't speak to how it works with the snowboard other than I snowboarders use this pack and I would think Osprey took it into account.

    Deuter has the reputation for making some of the best packs.

    Is there a place nearby you can try the packs on? Bring all your stuff and put it on the pack and see how it works. Both are good packs, but one may suit you better.


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      Kode 30!

      I have been using a Kode 30 for 5 or 6 years now and though it is the only pack I have really had love it summer or winter.

      The vertical snowboard carry works well off the front and the adjustment straps on the top of the shoulder helps take the weight off the shoulders similar to a full size, large capacity pack. I however do not carry an ice axe...if you have a split and can carry A-frame the ice axe shouldn't be an issue. You can likely strap the ice axe off to the side as it does have side straps for A-frame carry

      In my opinion the back panel entry to the main compartment is key when your pack is all loaded up with board, helmet, and any other goodies you might have strapped to the outside. The pack panel allows you to access the compartment with out taking anything off. With my splitboard I tend (and my partner as well) to always carry it A frame style now and is very comfortable in that manor.

      Carrying a camelback bladder in the dead of winter is useless insulated or not in my opinion...I have seen too many cases where hoses freeze up regardless of insulators or not and guys are stuck without water for the majority of the day...I would stick to the wide mouth nalgenes...I usually strap mine to the hip belt for easy access. That being said if the temps are right and your not in ato not freeze...the internal hose strap is a nice feature...keeps the hose out of the way.

      The hip belt pockets are sized well...My microspikes are always in the hip belt along with a clifbar on each side.

      I am 6' tall +/- and bought the large... Though I usually run out of room due to over packing (the boy scout in me) it has pretty good capacity and will fit everything you need. I have always felt the pack super comfortable and the lightweight minimal internal frame provides just the right amount of strength.

      Durability wise I have not put it through the excessive wringer...I get maybe 15 days of use a year out of it but it (between summer and winter) but it has been up against and scraped plenty of rocks and trees. There a few wear marks and surface scratches here and there on the hip pockets and the exposed front bottom corners of the pack from setting it down but nothing to be concerned about structurally durabilibty

      I have been eyeing the Kode 42 but reluctant as it does not have the backpanel entry as I find it a must have feature...though the trade off is for compatibility to an interchanble ABS system on the Kode 42

      My spillting partner has the Kode 30 as well and from I know he is pleased with it. My wife also has the same pack in a smaller size and she loves it for hiking.
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        I am on my second Deuter Freeride Pro 30L but looking at buying the new Osprey ABS Kamber 42L for hut touring. I think it has to be a refinement of the Kode, otherwise why would they rename it?


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          I've never used either pack but I have a Dakine Blade pack.

          I love it for splitting.


          Rear and top entry.

          avy pouch.

          bladder pouch, tube runs through the shoulder strap. it will still freeze in the winter, even with the neoprene cover that you can put on the tube. I found that blowing the water back in the blatter to clear the tube when Im done drinking works well.

          horizontal and vertical board carry, as well as, vertical ski (A frame) carry

          goggle pocket

          ice axe loop (but only one)

          My pack is possibly 6 seasons old, so maybe some things have been changed/upgraded