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    I was inspired by a post about DIY ski vise last year and decided to try something myself (I'm not spending $150 on the vise!). Here is what I came up with. Two pieces of 2x4 with two slots for different ski thickness screwed together:

    Then I just clamp it to my work bench, no need to drill into it or alter in any way, and, voila:

    Second option for use on the road - I use this Black & Decker Workmate portable bench/vise ($30 in Home Depot):

    I can use bungee cord to secure ski in place, and, since I took these pictures I attached cutoffs from skins, glue side up, on the top middle surface of the blocks to prevent ski from sliding when in base-side-up position.

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    Nice. I like your style. I "borrowed" some shelf liner from the wife for a top pad on my "vice". A rubbery, waffle type of stuff. Holds a ski for waxing/scraping as if the ski was glued down.
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