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Koflach ARCTIS EXPE boots size 11

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  • Koflach ARCTIS EXPE boots size 11

    FS or exchange or just karma I have a pair of Koflach ARCTIS EXPE boots size 11.

    They are a nice ice climbing / winter hiking boot for cold weather but I gave that up and went back to skiing sometime ago. What possessed me to spend go ice climbing back then I don't really know but in my personal pinnacle of ice climbing I acquired these boots and they worked well. Really I should have ski'd more... but mistakes were made and I still have these boots as evidence.

    So come make some mistakes of your own by taking these out of my possession!

    The are with out footbeds and have lived in a closet a while but still in reasonable shape. Really they aren't worth much to me so BRO and they are yours!

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    I'm excited to make this mistake! There is lots of NH ice I have to regrettably throw myself at. And whats life without screaming and barfing at the same time every so often? I'd like to take you up on your offer.


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      Cool, I just sent you a PM..