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First published April 1/96

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Yes It's Time to Ski Tuckerman Ravine!
The Consummate Guide to Skiing
Tuckerman Ravine, NH

Yup its Steep!Yup its Steep!Yup its Steep!
By Dave McGrath of SkiCentral

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April 19 - 2003 Photos
Over 130 photos from a perfect spring day at Tuckerman Ravine, April 19, 2003.


Ski Routes of Tuckerman Ravine
Detail clickable map showing hiking routes in relation to landmarks and ski routes (Tuckerman, Hillmans Highway and Gulf of Slides).


Hermit Lake Shelters
Your guide to overnight stays at the Hermit Lake Shelters.

Weekly Video
Get pumped up with these video teasers. A new video each week till spring arrives!
Note: A DSL or cable connection is highly recommended. Additional videos can be found in the Video Archive

Take in the actual events of recent days at Tucks. Select from eight different PhotoJams accompanied by music.

Checklist for a Day at Tuckerman
Going to Tucks for the first time? Check here to find out what you need to make you day.

Tuckerman Board
Join in with other Tuckerman fanatics to discuss experiences or ask questions about Tuckerman Ravine.

SkicDave's Weather Forecasting
Find out how unpredicable the weather really is.

Relive Tuckerman
Experience the day of May 20th, 2000 with actual audio and photos from around the ravine.


Tuckerman Ravineroom Furniture(TM)
Trial run for our new living ware while up at Tucks

Virtual Tour
Follow our group for a day up in Tuckerman Ravine.

Links to Other References
Links to other sites about Tuckerman Ravine and Mount Washington.

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  • More Video Reviews

    April 20 - 2002 Photos
    Over 150 photos from a perfect spring day at Tuckerman Ravine, April 20 - 2002.

    April 21 - 2001 Photos
    Over 300 photos including the 1st Annual Son of Inferno Race taken on this epic day. Look for some great jumps off the headwall too.

    April 14, 2001 Photos
    Over 150 photos taken on this sunny but windy Saturday.

    May 20th, 2000 Photos
    Over 50 exciting photos and sound bites taken on this sunny day in May.

    April 22th, 2000 Photos
    More than 30 photos from this somewhat quiet and foggy day up at Tucks.

    Get Pumped!
    Listen to the crowd at lunch rocks! (55K wav).

    Dr. Quackenbush skis the Headwall
    Check out our video review of this vintage comedy set at Tuckerman Ravine.

    Terry Karkos Photos
    Some great action shots taken up on the headwall.

    Directions To Tuckerman Ravine
    Find out how to get to this unforgettable place.

    Report for May 17th, 1998
    Minimal snow and an account of near death.

    May 17th, 1998 Photos
    A sunny and somewhat dangerous day in the Ravine with marginal snow conditions.

    Report for July 17th, 1997
    End of season report. Skiing only for a crazy few this day.

    Last Photo for 1997
    Its a green ravine but a patch of snow lingers for a few brave souls.

    Take a Virtual Tour of Tuckerman Ravine

    Well it's that time of the year! Time to think about heading back to Tuckerman Ravine for some thrills and spills up on the wall. Perhaps you've heard of this place, and are considering a trip. Here we share our experiences at Tuckerman with other diehards... and those contemplating the challenge this spring. For the armchair adventurer... click away!

    You'll find more than 20 pages of detailed information, 55+ photos, tips, sound clips, references, map, a message board, and links to other Tuckerman and New Hampshire web sites.

    Here is a sample of some of the sounds recorded at Tuckerman Ravine

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    Don't forget to bring your radios to Tucks! Tune in to channel 9-14 to talk and meet other members of the T4T board. Spread the word!

    Enjoy real time views of Tuckerman ravine thanks to the new Mount Washington solar-powered webcam located on neighbouring Wildcat Mountain.


    View the summit of Mount Washington in real time. Includes current weather conditions.

    Check out the Mount Washington Avalanche Bulletin for current conditions in the ravine.

    View some fantastic photos taken by chardog May 20, 2001

    Visit the Mt. Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol for a safe trip.

    View current conditions via RSN (well sometimes).

    Son of Inferno April 16, 2005

    Congrats to Ilene and John! Tied the knot at Tucks April 27, 2002!

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